Competent Person Training

Scaffold Competent Person Safety Training

A ” Competent Person” Scaffold Training Program Developed and sanctioned by the SAIA.

Accredited Trainer

Joel Almquist

Course Topics:

  • Types of Access Scaffolds
  • Standards and Regulations
  • Foundation Requirements
  • Platforms and Platform Materials
  • Scaffold Installation & Dismantling Procedures
  • Personal Protection Equipment
  • Scaffold’s Tools


$125.00 per person, with discounts available to groups. Price includes the textbook, all course handouts, continental breakfast, snacks and lunch. You may register by phone, mail, or form below and pay by check.


If you are unable to attend on the day for which you are registered, please let us know at least 24 hours in advance. Course fees are transferable but are not refundable.

Course Description

Available for Frame & Brace and Swing Stage systems. This program is for anyone who deals with, oversees or installs any type of scaffold equipment, and covers safety aspects regarding scaffold foundations, scaffold components, regulations, guardrail requirements, and installation and dismantling procedures for scaffold that exceed the 4:1 base ratio and need to be stabilized. 

The course will entail approximately 20 hours, requiring students to read the course material prior to coming to the workshop. Home study will be followed by a one-day qualified instructor led class. 

This class will review the study material using job site examples and will also include a hands-on course involving student participation. Students will complete hands-on scaffold installation including wall ties, which will be inspected to ensure each student recognizes hazardous components and situations relevant to a safe scaffold set.

A written exam will be given at the end of the day for a pass or fail grade. A score of 80% or better is required to pass the class.

A Certificate of Completion will be issued by the SAIA to those who successfully complete the course.

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