Mast Climbers & Transport Platforms

Getting to those high, hard-to-reach places require mast climbing work platforms that feature innovative structural, mechanical, ergonomic and safety features. Choosing the right mast climber will help you increase productivity, improve safety and reduce worker fatigue. Bottom line? This equipment keeps your workers and your job safe, and drives efficiencies throughout your project.


The PowerMast is great for mid to high access needs, offering unmatched portability and simplicity for a wide variety of wall access needs, up to 200’. The tools-free mast assembly goes together quickly and is so compact that a 100 ft. twin system can fit in the back of your truck or van. Available in a Single Mast or a Twin Mast system to suit any project need. We recommend the PowerMast because it is compatible with up to 30” modular deck or railed walk boards. When the Power Mast system is anchored to a structure for support, this is known as a “tied” configuration. Being tied allows for the fewest number of components and the maximum height of 200’. When no structure is available or it is undesirable to anchor to a structure, the Power Mast system can stand without being tied, also known as “free stand.” The optional free-standing tri-mast base has adjustable outriggers and a 3 mast arrangement to provide the necessary support to reach 32’ outdoors or over 50’ indoors.


The time for worrying about the logistics of getting equipment on-site and in place is over. The PowerPole helps move your equipment between buildings, on rooftops or around landscaping. With incomparable set-up costs, portability, lift to weight ratio and a landscape-friendly design, PowerPole works at the ideal height and can help you reach tight spots. Whether you’re installing siding, roofing or windows, the PowerPole’s modular design can help you get the job done safely and quickly. Each PowerPole system requires a 10” x 10” base and a PowerPole Climbing Unit powered by a ½” drill. The PowerPole Climbing Unit provides all the capacity needed to lift workers, tools and materials into position.


The PowerLift makes access easy and has a large range of applications that are convenient without sacrificing security. This nifty piece of equipment is a triple threat: convenient, secure and easy to use. It provides additional security and safety while still helping you gain access to difficult-to-reach indoor and outdoor spaces. One person can easily move and operate this equipment up inclines or stairs – it’s the lightest low-level lift on the market. It works great in factories, warehouses, offices and homes, both indoors or outdoors. This product is very simple to operate because its only electrical component is the drill for power. There are no expensive controls, sensors or switches to repair.

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